Cardinal Connection February 2013

The best place for kids...........Chancey Elementary School

National School Counseling Week Feb. 4-8


School counselors help students build bright futures.
School counselors also connect with stakeholders to support students!

How often do you analyze data with your PLC? Do you plan instruction based on formative assessments results? Do you teach a concept without knowing if they already know it?

Reading and Math Diagnostic Graphs from CASCADE

What's Happening

  • Please check Dropbox for the most recently revised master calendar. It will have revised on 2-3-13 in parenthesis. Please do not confuse the calendar I update with other calendars that are being left on Dropbox. I will always put the revise date in parenthesis.
  • Lock Down Drill rescheduled 2-8-13 10:30
  • Team meetings on Tuesday, Feb. 5
  • Many staff members have become ill with Type B or C flu. Please be diligent with hand washing . I understand it is highly contagious. I am sending staff members home if they are not feeling well. We will be fine please stay home if you are sick.:)
  • Please support our Quick Recall team on Feb. 6 @ 4:10 in our library
  • 25 Classroom teachers will receive 2 additional iPads (Hopefully this week.)
  • Mrs. Ivory will be out all day on Wed. & Thurs. with Safe Crisis Management PD (Lucky me)
  • Remember SRT is called when your student is exhibiting behaviors that are unsafe or harmful.
  • The CSIP is finished!!!!
  • The first shipment of SMARTboards have been installed.
  • Thank you Tracy Frazier for your H H Gregg contact that expedited our iPad orders!

Please let me know............

When you want a Principal's Post card to go to a colleague, student, parent volunteer, etc.

When you want a student's academic success to be shared with the school

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon Mitchell Feb. 11

Pat Nichter Feb. 14

Shelia Ciarlante Feb. 17 (Congratulations to Shelia she got married!!!!!!)

Amy Moore Feb. 20

Anice Curtis Feb. 24