Stop GMOs

Protect Our Earth, Prevent GMOs

GM Foods May Pose Health Risks For Certain People

  • Genetically modified foods may introduce a new allergen. Because genes can be introduced from completely unrelated species, the possibilities of allergies will be higher.
  • Genetically modified foods can even create problems for not just people with allergies, but also people in general. Bacteria inside of us can be in contact with antiboitic-resistant genes found in GM foods. If this happens, bacteria that can be able to withstand modern antibiotics may arise.
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GM Technology Will Harm Small Farmers

  • GM crops may be too expensive for small and poor farmers, especially in developing countries. This can cause small farmers to be left in the dust behind bigger farmers, causing them to lose their jobs or become in great debt. Doing so will further expand the gap between the rich and the poor.
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GM Crops Could Hurt The Environment

GM crops are unstable experiments that can have unknown consequences to its surroundings.

  • Based on Cornell University, only 56% of monarch larvae survived after feeding off milkweed plants covered in GM corn pollen. All of the larvae feeding off traditional milkweed plants lived.
  • Insects and weeds can become resistant to pesticides engineered into GM crops. After encountering pesticide genes, organisms can become fully resistant to pesticides.

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