Special Education Field Experience

Assistance in a Language Arts for Special Education Students

This class is to assist low functioning 8th grade students in English

Objective for the class:
Focus on English learning through the comprehensive literacy curriculum for English learners.
Seth | Special Educator

My observations:

I enjoyed observing in this Special Education classroom at Truesdell Middle School in Wichita,Ks. It was nice to get back into a school with such diversity. It was also nice to see Special Education students in the same classrooms as regular education students. I believe that the more that we can place both of these types of students in the same classroom, the more both of them learn. The teaching strategies that I observed worked for these students. Having their expectations and schedules posted put learning in their hands. There were no excuses in this classroom for a student to not complete his/her work. Assistance was given to the students when they asked appropriately for help.