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The Snow Leopard lives in the high mountains of Central Asia. They stay in the trees and wait for prey.


The snow leopard's behavior while it is hunting is mean and aggressive. It hunts in packs so it can catch bigger prey.


The Snow Leopard is endangered because hunters go into the woods and kills them for food. People are also poaching the Snow Leopard.
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2 Interesting facts

Snow Leopards can leap as far as 45 feet the length of a humpback whale. There are 35 species of wild cats in the world.


There are at most 7,000 Snow Leopards alive today, but scientists say their number may be down to 4.000.

What can be done to help Snow Leopards

We can come together as a community and stop hunting the snow leopards so they will no longer be endangered.


A snow Leopard is white with black dots. It has fur to keep itself warm. It camouflages to help eat prey easier.

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