History on Kd's

The Kd shoe line is a one of the biggest Nike signature like the Air Jordans,Kobes,and Lebrons. Originally,Kd's were under $100 a pair but now there from $110-$200.Each pair of Kd's they come out with they add an average of $15 more dollars.

My Connection With Kd's

My connection is I love playing basketball.Kd's are basketball shoes and my favorite basketball player in history of basketball players is Kevin Durant.When Kevin Durant started making his shoes he named them Kd's.I like his style of shoes.

Day In There Life

If someone whore Kd's it would make them feel better about there shoes.It would also help there grip on the court.Kd's would also help them feel good to work harder.After There done they would want to do it all over again.