Fall semester Exam

by Javin McClellan January 13, 2016 grade 7

Cornell notes

Cornell note taking was a good thing for every one at this school. It made you stay organized with your work. You could use it to study for test, you can take them when the teacher is talking about something, you can also take them over a movie. You kinda have to get use to making them but after a while you will get the hang of it.



TRF's are a good thing to me. They help me learn and remember what i went over that week. It shows me how to do the problem over from the beginning if i started that lesson in a different class. I also get to work with people that have done the same question as me or either solved the same question as me. A TRF every week helped me alot and it will probably help you to.


learning log

The learning log helped me remember what i did that week or week before. I can just go back and look through my binder find the learning and see the important things i did that week or the week before. This way i can know what to do and what major tests I studied for. That' s what the learning log is for.


public speaking

Public speaking has made me a better speaker till this day. I used to be shy but when i got to avid i knew i couldn't be shy any more. I knew i would have to speak out in front of the students in my class. With public speaking i learned that you just have to have a flow with the words you are saying. You cant be pausing in between words. You have to have good posture and know what you are saying.

Community service

Community service has helped me realize that not every has as much as me. So that made me want to help them more. When we took the trip to mission Arligton on the way i saw a lot of homeless people walking on the road. When you help other people your actually helping your self to.


Binder check

Binder checks help you keep your binder organized. If you always have a messsy binder like 24/7 this will be hard for you. You always have to have a clean binder. If you don't it will be hard for you to get your paper work that you need to get. Binder checks are for you to notice how bad your binder is if it is messy.


Semester 2

Next semester i will do way better than this semester. I will try my best to get all a's. I want all a's because it will feel good knowing that i got all a's in a class. I had broke my phone and my mom said the only way I can get a new one is by getting all a's.



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