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October 28, 2019

Spirit Week

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I was excited to see it snow for the first time at my house on Sunday because it means ski season is coming! Thanks for your patience and grace as we continue to re-distribute responsibilities after Lana's departure. I know, I still need to get goals meetings on our calendars. From my perspective, everyone seemed to come back after fall break ready to go.

Last week was very busy at MMA with the ballet, guest speakers, Intersession, and parent visitors. Thank you for attending (and planning around) these events at MMA. Thank you for organizing enriching events for students. I am so happy that you have chosen MMA and our students are fortunate to have you.

This week is spirt week and we have done our best to make it as not-crazy as possible. It is important that we all have and hold the expectation that teaching and learning continues through spirit week. Keep in mind, we have shifted this Red Ribbon Week to also be spirit week and we will not have a spirit week at the end of the school year. We also purposefully combined it in to the week with Halloween.

Good luck this week and smile lots!


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Staff Attendance

Being present at school is extremely important because students need your support and guidance. Being out of the building is especially challenging at this time when we cannot get substitutes. We can all appreciate emergencies and sudden sickness. If you have to be absent for a scheduled event, please make every effort to make these appointments after school

Employee agreements state that staff are expected to be absent no more than 10 times per school year. Those who are over or approaching this number should expect communication from Dana or myself regarding this matter.

Assistant Evaluations

At the beginning of the year, assistant evaluations were distributed and all were asked teachers and assistants to go through this together to establish expectations. Now that we have closed 1st quarter, have some new assistants, and some are sharing assistants - it is an excellent time to re-visit this document.

Please find 15 minutes of time to sit, teacher and assistant, and complete this evaluation together. Please put a signed copy in my mailbox no later than Friday, November 8th. Teachers who share an assistant should have a discussion with all 3. In these cases, please summarize how the assistant will be splitting their time and efforts at the bottom of the document.

New Duties - Thank you

Thank you all for getting in the swing of your new duties this week. Again, please ask the front office if you have questions or concerns regarding your duty.
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Red Ribbon Activities

Red Ribbon / Spirit / Halloween Week - Next Week

We purposely scheduled all of this mass pandemonium in one week and will not be doing an additional spirit week in May. Please advertise this and/or the flier from MAPA below on your blogs.

M Oct. 28 - Door Decorating; Grade color wear

T Oct. 29 - Mismatched or crazy socks

W Oct. 30 - Crazy hair

Th Oct. 31 - Wear a team jersey/shirt & 1st Place Door Prize pizza party

Fri Nov. 1 - Wear a sweatshirt / hoodie

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MIDAS and PD Credit

Dana is taking over entering professional development points into MIDAS. If you go to a professional development session outside of MMA for which you would like MIDAS credit, please get all of that documentation to Dana asap (for PDs that have already happened) or immediately following a future PD.

Gratitude Feast

Gratitude Feast is coming soon on November 21st. This is an event where we invite and thank members of community like our local police and fire department, local neighbors, community partners, and elected officials. MAPA organizes this event where soup, salad, and dessert are served. In the past, students have participated in a variety of different ways - singing songs, making placements, writing thank you notes. MAPA will be emailing soon to solicit this type of involvement from our classes. I wanted to get this on your radar so you can incorporate this into your lessons and think if your class has something special they could share.
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International Festival

International Festival is also coming up soon on November 22nd. (It was cultural festival last year; but, we're back to International this year). This is an MMA tradition where students and classes research and present information about other parts of the world. The research and preparation happens before November 22nd. On the 22nd, families are invited in from 1-3pm to tour school where we will have all projects displayed and also have a rotation schedule of when students are presenting beside their projects and when they are touring themselves.

Your lead teachers discussed this in last week's Advisory meeting and have more information, especially regarding how this is set-up mainly as a home project. Please check in with your lead teacher first if you have questions and they will follow-up with the support team if necessary.

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