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Posedions is the god of water basically, He was originally ate by Kronos and his brother helped him escape with all the other gods. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are the big 3 and got the biggest relams. Zeus got the s

Posedions Joke

Posedion is a important god as he is one of the big 3. No i don't mean Lebron James and the big three for the Miami Heat.

Poseidon vs Athena

Poseidon and Athena had a quarrel over who should get Athens since no god had claimed it, They decided the best gift would get the city, Posedion gave salt water stream and Athena gave a olive branch. Athens picked Athena because they liked her gift better. Poseidon was very angry after losing the competition.

Posedion is More than the God of the Oceans

Poseidon is also the god of earthquakes and horses. He was in control of all water even if certain rivers had specific gods of nymphs. This was his domain. He became the god of horses in a interesting manner. Poseidon charmed Medusa by becoming a horse and the first one was created when Medusa's throat was cut by Perseus. Pegasus then fled while flying.

Poseidons family


Mother= Rhea

brothers= Zeus and Hades

Wife= Amphitrite

Sons= Thesus, and Cyclops Polyphemus

Key Ex Girlfriend= Medusa

Poseidons Character

Poseidons character was viewed as arrogant and restless. He was like the waves of the ocean never wanting to be contained and many coastal areas feared him,


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