Medieval Torture

NaThalia Ramirez

The medieval time was a time of darkness and a lot of death. They found many ways to try to hurt people to get what they wanted or for punishment for breaking laws or disobeying laws. This time was between the 5th and 15th time period threw Europe.

The breaking wheel

The breaking wheel is a terrible form of torture they would tie you to a wheel and then they would spin it it would break your bones and eventually rip off your limbs. It slowly kills you over time once all your bones are broken they would leave you there to die or put you on a tall pole and let the birds basically eat you till you die. It was created in 19th century Germany.
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The scolds Bridle

Its a heavy medal mask that would have a outline for your mouth and if you tried to talk it would cut open your tongue. It was enough to have the mask that's heavy but its also public humiliation. It was mainly used for women who were known as "gossips". It was thought of as a method of breaking a bad habit fast.
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The Rack

The rack has been known as the most common. It was a table with 2 rollers at each end and would stretch the victims bodies to extreme lengths until the bodies completely gave out. It was known as one of the most painful methods.
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The Head Crusher

The head crusher sounds just like it is. It would be one of the most disgusting ways to die you would see the persons eyes and brains popping out but with the teeth shattering first. Its one of the worst ways to die because it could take a long time or a short about of time
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The wooden horse

It is a wooden horse or the Spanish donkey, it was a terribly long way to die and it was extremely painful. They would set a person on a block of wood in a triangular shape and would set the person down onto it and would put weights onto their ankles until the person would split in half or die.
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