Why put our children in danger?

How football injuries can be the death of your child.


Why should one put their children on the field where they could have their brains busted? There is an ongoing debate on whether or not a parent should allow their child play football. According to Orlando Orthopaedic Center, "One out of twenty football players get a concussion every game." Concussions are the most devastating injury in football. Even though some may say that football is dangerous, the youth should have a choice to play.

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First of all, why should youth even play football?

To begin with, even though football can cause concussions and other injuries, it has its perks. According to Shotz, “Young athletes learn discipline, focus, teamwork- skills that will help them be successful later in their life.” This exemplifies that, football can actually help a child develop and create friendships. Even concussions just like every other injury, can be healed. But now lets talk about what a concussion is. A concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury, typically caused by a blow to to the head that shakes the brain inside of the skull. They can be very dangerous and have a long recovery time. They may even cause someone to have to end a career.


In conclusion, concussions are perilous and they can even kill someone. Football and many other contact sports are very dangerous and are saying that they are trying to make it safer. But if NFL banned tackling in football, what would making it exciting? The injuries and the fights are the best part of the games. We should never ban physical contact in sports.
Scope: Jennifer Shotz

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