Planning Your Production

Steps to Planning Your Short Film Production

Consult the Moodle

Know that all resources will be provided in Moodle for you. Pay close attention to the Assessments section as well as module #5, (Film Planning & Pre Production)

Develop a Pitch or "Proposal"

I need a proposal from each group by the end of the March 18 & 19 class days with a project topic from each group.
Explore YouTube for ideas as well as some of the presentations that are in the Assessment sections.

Complete the proposal on a Google Doc and "share" it with me via email or in an Edmodo message with all group members and myself (Mrs. Carpenter) included in the post.

Consult this link for guides to developing your pitch or "proposal" in the Screen Writing and Preproduction sections. (Actually, just bookmark this page, because it has a TON of resources.)

Determine Your Roles

Determine who will be responsible for each role as described in the Film Guide on each of the gradable roles.
List each group member with their responsibilities in a Google Doc and "share" it with Mrs. Carpenter & all group members.

Blog About It

You should be beginning your production journal. Anytime you are thinking about your short film, reflecting on it, any time your group meets, you BLOG about it and type out notes regarding what you talked about. You WILL be assessed based on your journaling through this process (including pre-production.)

Write the Script

After roles have been determined, an overall plot needs to be developed, and planning for locations & scriptwriting needs to take place.
Screen Writer needs to be writing the script, and other group members need to be determining what locations need to be reserved for filming. Utilize the location filming form in the "forms" section of Moode at the top module.


Blog About It

Blog some more about your writing the script, planning the locations, what you did to pick locations, and about completing the paper work.


Develop a Storyboard for your short film.
After developing a script for the film, develop a storyboard.
See the "Production Planning" module in Moodle or Check out this web page to see info on storyboarding.

Blog About It

Yes, journaling and blogging is important!!!
After you develop a storyboard, either scan it in or take a picture of it and place it in a blog post.