Summary of Course Learning

Evangel University EDL 755

Evidence Based Teaching and Learning

The process of educating students is both an art and a science. As a leader, it is critical that I assist my teachers in measuring the impact of their efforts on their students attempts to learn. Through our study, I have learned that the single most important factor to success in the classroom is the teacher. We may implement a lot of different initiatives and curriculum, but the success or failure of those initiatives is directly related to the teacher in the classroom. It is imperative that leaders work diligently to strengthen the skills and cultivate the creativity of all teachers to empower them to do their very best for our students each day.

One of the ways that our teachers can improve their craft is to go beyond simple reflection on their work to truly measuring their impact on students through the use of data. By seeking feedback from students and fellow teachers, the use of formative assessments and seeing the learning through the eyes of students, teachers can move their practice from good to great. What we have learned through our study of Hattie is almost everything a teacher does in the classroom has a positive impact on learning, but if we truly desire to work smarter, rather than harder, then we must take a deep look at our practice, determine what is working and maximize those outcomes.

Another key idea that has stuck with me through our learning is the importance of student engagement. Many times when I observe in classrooms I see a lot of students that are compliant but who aren't truly engaged in the learning. The reason? The learning is boring and/or uninteresting. This is where the artful teacher uses their creativity to help draw students into the learning. A passionate teacher using some mild pressure or competition can transform even the most boring of learning topics into a classroom full of energy. A teacher that knows the interests and passions of her students can find ways to weave those interests into the lesson to keep students attentive and actively engaged in the learning.

As I continue to grow as an instructional leader, I hope to continue to work to help my teachers hone their craft and continually improve their own teaching and learning.