LeanBelts.com is hiring.

We're disrupting the Six Sigma Training Space.

LeanBelts.com offers remote Six Sigma training, testing, and certification at $150/user, 80% cheaper than our competitors.

We're revolutionizing the process of learning quality control statistics and bringing Six Sigma skillset to the entirety of an organization.

Our Business & Our Culture

We're a flat organization that allows you to work remotely. Our founders have started ventures from the ground up bringing products to millions of people in the gaming and hardware space. We have users, revenue, and growth. We're looking to bring in an entrepreneurial product manager who can roll with the punches, learn quickly, and improve our systems and content.

We believe we can train, test, and certify a qualified generation of Six Sigma professionals at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. We believe in the value of quality control statistics so much that we go out on a limb for customers who can't afford it.

We're a forward thinking company that treats our team members professionally. We continue to offer the highest quality and most affordable Six Sigma certification program on the planet. We charge $150/user which is approximately 80% cheaper than our competitors delivering the exact same quality control statistics we've used in the manufacturing and operations world. Our founders have worked on high throughput systems used by millions of people.

Email your resume in PDF format to team@leanbelts.com

Be sure to include answers to the following:

1.) Why should we hire you?
2.) How will you add value to the venture?
3.) Show us a link or photos of something entrepreneurial/creative you've completed?
4.) 1 Reference from a previous customer or investor.

Who we're looking for:

5 to 20% equity contingent upon milestones. Vests over 4 years.
$15-25/hr as per proven experience/portfolio.

Required Skills
  • Do you read hackernews, reddit, and quora?
  • Do you have a solid understanding of statistics or can you show your ability to learn quickly?
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Knowledge of Six Sigma methodology and lean systems.
  • Manufacturing experience preferred
  • Do you know web development? Send us your stuff.
  • Blogging. (feel free to send us samples)

  • We offer the world's most affordable and viable six sigma training platform. We believe we can bring process engineering to the masses.