Need Secondary Antibodies?

Confocal Microscope Facility now offers secondary antibody aliquots.

Listed below are the flourescently-labeled secondary antibody aliquots we can provide:

Anti-Mouse IgM
Anti-Mouse IgG1 (H+L) or (γ1)
Anti-Mouse IgG2a
Anti-Mouse IgG2b

Fluorescent Dyes Include Alexa Fluor 350, 488, 546, 594, 633

Sold for $8.00 per 10 µL aliquot.

How to Order

1) Go to
2) Click on the “Supplemental Items” tab
3) Sign-in with your BYU net ID
4) Select which antibodies you’d like to order
5) Create a Billing Profile for your lab by clicking “Add Billing Profile”
6) Finish your order by hitting the “purchase” button.

For More Information Please Contact:

Trevor Washburn

630 946 3435