Suburban Sprawl

By: Kelli Gilliam, Adriana Reyes, Aline Lira

All About Suburban Sprawl

Suburban Sprawl has affected our world in many ways, whether we realize it or not. It causes pollution, traffic accidents & fatalities, and makes our world such a busier place. It is affection the environment in many ways. It has caused pollution to pollute the atmosphere. Many places in North America are affected by Suburban Sprawl, but when I hear the keywords “Busy, Traffic, Smoke, Cars Everywhere” I automatically think of New York City or Houston, Texas. I think anything living in the city is affected by Suburban Sprawl, including humans. We breathe in polluted air, and get into fatal traffic accidents due to Suburban Sprawl. I don’t necessarily think that League City has this issue, but I think it can easily escalate to the point where it’s a major issue. Society causes this to occur, because all of our lives are based upon always being busy and on the go, which involves a lot of driving. My group & I have decided there is no solution to this issue., but the issue can decrease for doing something simple such as carpooling.

How It Can Affect Residents

Growth in population can cause suburban sprawl even though its not the main cause it still plays a big factor in sprawl. When there is more houses built it creates more suburban sprawl. To decrese this problem there is house builders that are trying to build less large homes and more communities that promote walkability. Since suburban sprawl causes a lot of pollution and accidents, houses near the suburban sprawl have decreased in value while urban houses have increased in value.