The Seasons

Poem Date: January 23,2013


The crisp winter leaves are here again,

as the pattern of the seasons never end.

The wind is quiet and the children wont miss,

the holiday called Christmas that fills families with bliss.

As the children wake up and run to their Christmas Tree,

they laugh and scream with joy from what they see.

When they finish opening presents and they see whats inside,

the fathers hike up their boots and jackets and take their kids for a ride.

The activity known as sledding is always such a wonderful treat,

because the children don't have to walk and hear the snow crunch beneath their feet.

As they board onto the sled and drag it up the highest hill,

the brisk winter air blowing in their face is such a great thrill.

Well i gave you my memories about this wonderful time of year,

and don't worry if you want to hear more, I will always be here.