Weekly RoaR

Week ending October 14, 2016

Upcoming Events on Campus

Oct. 19

Tech Talk with Mrs. Bodmann, 3:00 PM in the library

Wylie Way: Unit Day, wear orange

Oct. 20

Picture Re-Take Day

Oct. 21

DinoBeat, 9-week recognitions/Gritty Kids

Oct. 24

Canned Food Drive begins

Red Ribbon Week: Wear crazy hair or a crazy hat. "Drugs make you crazy in the head."

Oct. 25

Red Ribbon Week: Wear pajamas. "It's my dream to be drug free."

Oct. 26

Red Ribbon Week: Dress like a spy. "Don't let drugs sneak up on you."

Spirit Night: Orange Leaf

Oct. 27

Red Ribbon Week: Dress like a superhero. "Superheroes don't do drugs!"

Oct. 28

Red Ribbon Week: Wear costumes or black & orange. "Say Booooo to drugs."

Fall parties, 1:45 PM

Boo Bash, 6:30 PM

Shout Out Board!

If you haven't had a chance, check out that shout out board in the lounge. We work with some great people!

We will remove all of the shout outs for the first quarter this afternoon, draw a few to share on the announcements, and those highlighted will get a little prize in their box.

TTESS Tip: Dimension 4.4

We have had some questions about who needs to attend what events, so this week we are covering Dimension 4.4: School Community Involvement.

A proficient teacher:

  • contacts parents/guardians regularly regarding students' academic and social/emotional growth
  • actively participates in all school outreach activities
  • communicates the mission, vision and goals of the school to students, colleagues, parents and families.

A accomplished teacher:

  • uses various methods to contact parents/guardians about their student
  • joins colleagues in collaborative efforts to enhance student learning and welfare
  • clearly communicates the mission, vision, and goals of the school

A distinguished teacher:

  • initiates colleagues in collaborative efforts to enhance student learning and welfare
  • leads stakeholders toward reaching the mission, vision, and goals of the school


After getting settled into your schedules, routines, and embracing the pull-outs, some have decided to change times for different things. That is okay! But we need to update our schedule, so we can plan classroom walkthroughs/evaluations appropriately. Please fill out the form below.


Have a fantastic weekend!