Four Legged Heros

malachi c 7th

four legged heros

heel said the handler as the dog brought the man in the bite suit to the ground, service dog there are many different jobs and breeds of service dogs to perfectly execute there jobs.


there are many different jobs for a service dog like they could be an attack dog or bomb detection, drug detection, guard dogs, patrol dogs, they can also help disabled people get around in every day life. Not all service dogs go to war some are in law enforcement, or they could be at a search and rescue at a ski resort to help find a missing person.

basic trainig

but before they can get one of those titles they have to go threw very difficult and demanding training. They have to be able to understand the most basic verbal and hand signal commands they have to stay calm and focused in the line of fire. they have to attack when the handler gives the signal to attack not before not after but right then. Or just attack just to attack and that is all before they can even have a chance of getting picked by the order

meeting the stndards

the dog is ordered to meet the buyers standards like if the air force was ordering some dogs the dog would have to be trained to jump in tandem with its handler out of an airplane. or if the marines were ordering a dog the do would have to be trained in infantry.

this training can take 100 days at the least its all depending on how well and fast the dog learns.

saving lives

but all that training is for a good reason and that reason is to keep themselves and handler safe, every do that is deployed into battle that dog saves 150 lives. Only 300 canines have died since the Vietnam war. some branches of the military use more dogs then other the special forces use the most.


for protection the dogs get goggles that some call doggels they get a Kevlar vest, and radio collars for tracking. Or if the dog got separated from its handler they can find the dog. They can also use it when they can not find a solider and they know that the dog is with that solider they can the solider.


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