New and improved wireless telegraph

"You can not mingle without a good signal"

Want to be able to communicate with people from within nine miles!

This new and improved invention has a development of shortless wireless communication, which constitues the basis of nearly all modern long distance radio. No other communication device out there right now has a nine mile signal reach for only 119.99, buy this new exclusive device now online or at the factory.
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Why your missing out!

The reason why you should buy this new telegraph is because it has a new reciever device called the coherer (a glass tube full of metal filings connected to a battery). These were to pick up the most amazing radio signals. Also I used induction coils, two sets of wires wrapped around a soft iron core to increase the current from low voltage battery. Thats just amazing see what you are all missing out on, this device has one of the best battery percentages in a single day.

This device is a perfect 5 out of 5 stars!

Guglielmo Marconi

Hello my name is Guglielmo Marconi as you may know I invented the first wireless telegraph, I was born on 4/25/1874 in Bolgona, Italy. My profesion is a very famous Italian physicist. Please contact me if your interseted in my faboulous invention at either my email or phone number in the description below, also a little reminder if you come down to the factory to buy the wireless telepgraph you will also recieve a 25% discount and a Nine Mile Signal Co. sweatshirt in all sizes. Thank you see you soon.