Mark Twain's Life

Aza Swayzer Period 4


  • Mark Twain was born 1835
  • Mark Twain was born 2 months prematurely
  • November 30 is when he was born
  • He had lot's attention when he was younger because he was sickly
  • Mark Twain was sick for ten years of his life

Early Childhood

  • He had developed a sense of humor from his mother
  • His family struggled financially so they moved
  • Mark Twain did play's like Robin Hood
  • He lived in Missouri
  • Mark Twain is the son of John Marshall Clemens


  • He played hookie
  • He paid to study the Mississippi River
  • His mom took him to a place to learn
  • He learned a lot from his brother
  • Mark learned, and was educated on being a riverboat pilot


  • Mark Twain was a typesetter.
  • Mark Twain worked for his brother.
  • Mark became a riverboat pilot
  • Mark moved to many places for his work
  • Mark Twain was an author, novelist, journalist, humorist lecturer, actor.


  • Mark had a brother named Orion
  • Wife named Olivia Langdon
  • 4 kids (3 girls, and 1 boy)
  • 3 kids died before he did.
  • He was the sixth child born in his family.

Hoobies /Intrerests

  • Mark Twain liked to sketch
  • He loved to write.
  • He enjoyed being on the Mississippi River
  • He like to travel, and go to new places.
  • He liked to read.


  • Mark Twain died in 1910
  • He lived in Iowa
  • He used pseudonyms names on his sketches, and writings.
  • Mark Twain is not his real name. His real name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens.
  • He wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.