Wings Program

Help. Give Hope.

What is WINGS?

The WINGS (Women Investing in the Next Generation) Program is a one-tier mentoring program, emotional support, and companionship to students from targeted schools (Gilliard Elementary, for girls from K-5 to 12th grade (elementary, middle, and high school) that is monitored by WINGS staff and facilitated by positive role models such as college students, career professionals, and etc. The program serves to enhance life skills, self-esteem, and communication skills. The WINGS program will serve girls with the goal of significantly reducing the dropout rate, increase self-esteem, encourage academic success (core of math and science), and social engagement.

Sonya Jones

Project Manager

551 Summerville Street
Mobile, AL 36617
Phone: (251) 219-4006
Fax: (251) 219-4744