The Lottery

Joey Hoover


On a warm day in late June, villagers gather in the square to participate in a lottery run by Mr. Summers, who officiates at all the big civic events. The children arrive first and begin collecting stones until their parents call them to order. Mrs. Hutchinson arrives late and chats briefly with her friend, Mrs. Delacroix.

Mr. Summers calls each head of the household forward to a black wooden box, where each selects a slip of paper. Once the men have chosen, Mr. Summers allows everyone to open the paper and see who has been selected. It is Bill Hutchinson. His wife immediately starts protesting.

There are five people total in the Hutchinson family. Mr. Summers places five slips of paper into the box and each member of the family draws. Tess draws a slip of paper with a big black dot in the center. The villagers advance on her, and it becomes clear what the prize for the lottery really is: a stoning. Tess protests in vain as the villagers attack her.

Shirley Jackson

  • Best known for writing "The Lottery"
  • Died at age 48
  • "The Haunting of a Hill House" if regarded as the one of the best ghosts stories ever
  • Never gave public interviews
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