Cloud And Precipitation Types

What can they do to affect your life?


Precipitation and cloud types can affect you in a lot of ways, such as your travel plans. It is important to know what the weather is, so why not learn more?

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Shiny Sleet

Sleet is slippery wet ice. It is made of round beads that tend to be hard. It is about the same size as rain drops. It is formed when the rain falls and goes through a very thick layer of cold air and it freezes before reaching the ground.

Silky Snow

All snowflakes have six sides, just like ice crystals do. When there is warmer temperature, also a lot of water vapor in the air means that there will be bigger snowflakes and they will stick together. At low temperature there are smaller snowflakes which are hard and grainy.Its temperature can be around 32° and above 0°.

Rough Rain

Rain is the most common type of precipitation in a lot of places. It is mostly found in Altostratus and Cumulonimbus clouds. Rain is actually not shaped like tears, they are shaped like tiny round pillows. The temperature has to be above 32°F and 10°C.

Bone Crushing Hail

They form in thunderstorms that are very violent. tThey start in clouds as small as ice crystals. As they fall through super cooled cloud droplets they form onion like layers of ice. Some hailstones can be as big as softballs.

What precipitation can do

Precipitation can affect our activities we do. Like a snowstorm may cancel plane flights or school. Or rain can make you stay inside if you were going to the park.

Cloud Types

Clear Cirrrus

This cloud may mean there will be a storm coming so stay inside your house. These clouds will look wispy and see through and the altitude will be 12,000 meters and up.

Puffy Cumulus

This cloud will have fair weather so go outside and enjoy it. These clouds will look like puffy cotton balls. This altitude will be 1,500 to 6,000 meters.

Blowing Cumulonibus

This cloud may mean showers or thunderstorms so stay inside your house. This cloud will look large and mushroom like. Its altitude will be from 1,500 to 15,000 meters.

Foggy Stratus

This cloud may mean a rain or shower will be happening so if you go outside use an umbrella. This cloud will look like gray layers. Its altitude will be from 0 to 1,500 meters.

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