Hurricane Mitch

Written By: Marissa Staton November 8, 2012

What am I reading?

Hurricanes are deadly. They affect families all around the world. I have researched about the formation and strength of a hurricane. I have also done research on the naming and categorizing of hurricanes. I also did some research on Hurricane Mitch. I've also added a few interesting facts.

What is a hurricane? How dose it get so strong?

A hurricane forms over the ocean. It uses the warm ocean water to gain energy. It maintains its energy by absorbing warm ocean evaporation. A hurricane loses its strength when it hits land due to the lack of warm ocean water. With no sea water, it cannot gain more energy so it weakens.

Below is a satellite image of Hurricane Mitch.Scientists use tracking maps to locate a hurricane. This picture was taken from a satellite from space.

Hurricanes are categorized?

Hurricanes are categorized on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. This scale is based off of wind speed from 1-5. To name a hurricane, there is a list of alphabetical names. Each hurricane gets the next name in line. The list used to have only female names but male names were eventually added. If a hurricane causes signification damage their name is thrown out and replaced. Tracking map of Hurricane Mitch_A tracking map is used to track a hurricane in progress

Hurricane Mitch who?

Hurricane Mitch killed 11,000 people total. $40 million worth of damage; that's a lot of money for one hurricane. The highest wind speed for Mitch was 180 mph! Hurricane Mitch crossed over 4 different places, but 6 places. Hurricane Mitch was defiantly deadly.

Below is a picture of the damage caused by Hurricane Mitch himself. As you can see he was dangerous.

Mitch was interesting?

A few interesting facts about Mitch weren't hard to find. Mitch was so cool. During the storm Mitch transformed from a level 5 to a level 1 just like that! How cool is that? I think that it is cool how Mitch lasted from October and into November. It used two months!

What is a hurricane again?

Hurricanes are terrible storms to experience. You should always make sure that your prepared for a hurricane. I have learned a lot about them in the past few days. It is amazing how they form, and how they are named, hurricanes are cool.

Below is a picture of a hurricanes aftermath