Trench Warfare

By: Alex Pierce, Ben Nienhuis, Jake Matye

What were Trenches?

Trenches were holes in the ground, across a a part of the war front. They were dug so that soldiers had cover and new ways to strategize. WWI was the first time trenches were used.

Between the Trenches

This was called No Mans Land, simply because neither country controlled that land. Another reason it was called that, was because when one side would charge, they would usually be shot down by the other, like No Man would return

How the Trenches impacted the War

Trenches led to a stalemate, with neither side being able to win. Both sides did not know a strategy, around the trenches, which led to many deaths by stupid commands to charge and such.

How were people killed in Trench Warfare?

Number one, was tactics were not adjusted to the machine gun, therefore soldiers on both sides were repeatedly sent at machine gun emplacements, without much hope of overcoming them. Number two, was in addition to the machine guns, both sides used chemical warfare, although this only killed a small portion of the deaths. Number three, possibly the biggest killer, was diseases. Wounds festered and killed soldiers who today would've survived at a higher rate, and also rats and other animals who carried diseases were everywhere, and many of those infected soldiers.