By; Phoenix Felder

Affects,issues and regions of wildfires

1.Forest fires are out of control Each year wildfires destroy 6 to 14 million hectares of fire-sensitive forests worldwide,

2.Fire can be a threat to humans and it can destroy homes and other building structures.

3.Alaska and Western Canada.

4.Majority of wildlife affected by this issue is Bison, Elk, Bambi, and other ungulates.

5. The wildlife is being affected by burning trees and smoke inhalation.

Problems,Solutions and causes by wildfires.

6. No, this issue does not affect league city and no it could never reach our area.

7. Yes, people are affected by wildfires because burning trees fall down on their houses and its hard to rebuild.Also, smoke inhalation is really bad for people and animals around.

8. As many as 90 percent of wildland fires in the United States are caused by humans.

9.Peole are trying to prevent wildfires by drowning them if a fire does break out so it wont become something bigger like a wildfire

10.I think we should only let people who have a license of dealing with fire only handle it cause if not more and more people will have wildfires mostly because fires can get out of control

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