New destinations

Lung Po

About 70km from Laocai’s center, Lung Po is the place where Red river flows into Vietnam. Visiting this destination, tourists will have chance to immerse into rivers, mountains and explore the custom and culture of H’mong ethnic group.

Lao Chai

Lao Chai, a new destination of tour of Vietnam, is the home of black Ha Nhi ethnic group, located at more than 70km from Lao Cai city. Seeing from above, Lao Chai is lying between rock mountains and hills of grass, where has the houses looks like the huge mushrooms growing on the sides of mountains at an altitude of 2.660m high. This place is covered by fog and cold atmosphere year-round.

Den Sang

With total area of 40,72 km², the population of 1.784 people, Den Sang, located in Bat Xat district, is the place where has typical culture of Red Dao ethnic group with famous customs such as fire jumping, tobacco processing from trees on the forest. Especially, this site is well-known with romantic Love stream situated among green valley. Along pass roads, the spring is about 40 km from Bat Xat district’s center.

Muong Hum market

Muong Hum is the small market but has longstanding formation. It’s located between villages of ethnic minorities groups, which typical for the markets of Vietnam’s highlands. The market opens on every Sunday – the bustle day of mountainous Bat Dan district. Mung Hum is situated under the small valley, beside a fresh spring; surrounded by high mountains to the sky. Inside noisy market, tourists can be excited in colorful dresses of ethnic girls. The girls and boys come to the market not only to buy or sale products but also find lovers; therefore; all of them are very pretty. The H’mong girls wears dresses decorated by shades of flowers with fake hairs colored brilliantly; all of them look like the walking flowers. Beautiful as much as Red Dao’s dresses, the ethnic girls wear black or brown clothes dotted by patterns on the shirt, in addition to wear sparkle silver jewelry; they look like beautiful butterflies. With natural beautiful landscapes, the specific culture of ethnic groups showed by locales to the market, Mung Hum has been become the popular site for tour of Vietnam.

Xeo village

The major population of Ban Xeo is Giay ethnic group. Travellers enjoying tour of Vietnam will have chance to discover the unique culture as well as daily life of locals in which the custom of wedding and cake packing.