Sanvir Gill

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Sanvir Gill. I'm 15 years old and my favourite activity is playing basketball. I enjoy doing healthy activities while having fun. I'm primarily a nice guy but some days I do get angry, but i'm only human. My background is Punjabi but I was born in Canada and have lived in Ontario my entire life.

My life line

1. Birth - May 6, 2000, Newborn baby

-I was born on May 6, 2000 in Etobicoke General Hospital.

2. Moving to Mississauga – 2002, 2 years old

-I moved to Mississauga when I was 2 years old and this is where I spent

my childhood until I was 9 years old.

3. Going to India – 2003, 3 years old

-I went on vacation to India when I was 3 years old and it made me realize how interesting my culture actually is because before that I did not know much about my culture.

4. Starting school – September 2004, 4 years old

-I started junior kindergarten in 2004 and this was my very first experience in a school environment with a bunch of other students. I ended up crying the very first day because I missed home.

5. Moved to Brampton – November 2009, 9 years old

-I moved to Brampton when I was 9 years old. At first I was anxious and did not want to go to a new school but after I realized that it wasn’t so bad and everybody was friendly.

6. Started playing video games – January 2010, 9 years old

-Around the start of 2010 I began to play a ton of video games on my free time. I was addicted and played for many hours in a day.

7. Start of middle school – September 2011, 11 years old

-I started middle school and really began to discover and learn more about myself and my interests.

8. Baby cousin born – March 2013, 12 years old

-My little cousin was born and I learned how to be responsible by babysitting him and that made me mature.

9. Started playing basketball in a league – July 2013, 13 years old

-I started to play basketball in a league and this has made me a competitor and disciplined me to try as hard as I possibly can in every situation.

10. Start of high school – September 2014, 14 years old

-When high school started I really began to know who I was and things I loved to do. I knew more and more about myself

3 Favourite Things

Leadership style?

Encouraging leader

I am an encouraging leader because whenever I am given the opportunity I not only want them to do their task correctly but I also want them to get better. I often encouraging people by telling them positive messages and giving advice to make them better.

My influences

My influences are mainly famous sports players or rappers who started off with not much and still managed to make something off it. Such players and rappers are Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls and Logic the rapper. I find these kind of stories inspirational.

My future

For the future I aim to become a business man and entrepreneur. I find business very interesting and I think that these would but good career paths for me. I plan to get there by talking university courses for business.

Personality scores

1. Auditory-Kinesthetic Learner





6. Compatible

7. Book Keeper, Actuary, Business Man

8. 1st-Blue, 2nd-Orange