Brooklynn Glover

Plants in the Tundra

Arctic Moss, Arctic Willow, Bearberry, Caribou Moss, Diamond-leaf Willow, Labrador Tea, Pasque Flower, Tufted Saxifrage.

Animals in the Tundra

Arctic Fox, Caribou, Ermine, Grizzly Bear, Harlequin Duck, Musk Ox, Polar Bear, Snowy Owl

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A short and sunny summer that lasts 6-10 weeks. The temperature range is 45-50 degrees and doesn't get hotter than that. The rest of the time in the winter the sun hardly ever shines. The temperature in the winter doesn't get above 20 degrees, the average is -20 to -30. The tundra only get about 6-10 inches of rain.


The tundra is located between latitudes 55 to 70 North. Tundras cover about 20% of Earth's surface.