Video Games and Learning

by Lauren Jones

Executive SUmmary/Abstract

Video Games and Learning


In this report I will seek to tell the readers why there is a divide between video games designed for entertainment and those designed for education. I will be Discussing the ways in which this can be changed and how educators, computer programmers and students alike say that there is a need for harmony. Parents are needed to be educated well on this topic and understand what is in store for the future of their children's education. ( Majority of Parents Say) Additionally I will show how video games facilitate learning as compared to traditional education. Psychologists have stated that using video games as learning tools can enhance skill within the classroom such as math, science and English.( The Entertainment Software) Also included will be how Tangential learning is referenced within games and is an effective way to incorporate this learning style. Researchers have been asking video game developers how they are going to include educational material within games and also if it is effective enough to be used as a way of teaching within classrooms.


It is no secret that most children like to play video games as a means of entertainment.

Scientists and educators are still testing and learning about the effectiveness of video games for learning. Through this report I will seek to give a clear understanding of the current things that video game developers should be focusing on when it comes to games in a classroom environment. Currently in many schools educators are using video games to improve critical-thinking abilities and also to teach core subject material. The question comes into play if this is an effective or non effective way of introducing educational material to students. Many big name games such as Flap bird, World of Warcraft and Halo are being played by around 150 million Americans. The spread of the digital age and the use of apps on mobile devices has created an industry that made $61 billion globally in 2015. These facts should be important to parents and educators alike to understand the future of education through how kids interact and learn digitally. It is important as a culture that we not only cater to students interests but also to their learning styles. This is something that can be done through video games within the classroom as well as in the home. "Video games and learning. CQ Researcher"


Key words: Video games and learning, tangential learning through video games, facilitate education through video games

Video: used an education video to explore in a more in-depth look at topics presented

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In this chart we can see a statistic done that shows how many adults say that video games improve thinking "Video Games and Learning CQ."


The study of how students can learn from video games and designing educational experiences based on scientific findings is the up and coming way to transform education as a whole. I have discovered that good games can be valuable and with careful design and thoughtful teachers they can maximize video gaming to its full potential. Psychologists who have studied video games in the classroom have not only proven the types of learning that are effective through the use of video games but also ways to incorporate self teaching methods as a way to introduce educational material.


Video games can be effective in the classroom and create a more evolved classroom atmosphere. A few things that can be done to achieve this is for teachers to introduce more computer games within their curriculum, parents should become more educated on the games and learning opportunities that their children have available in today's society, create district wide fairs and or events that focus on technology within the classroom and introduce children to educational learning games at an early age. The importance of using video games within classrooms comes down to the simple fact that as technology advances so should learning and education methods. Technology is consistently evolving and we should use it to benefit society. The combination of video gaming and education is how our next generation will continue to innovate and learn.

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