The Tangerine

By: Devin Gallagher

Whats News?

  • The Fischer family has moved to Lake Windsor
  • Paul made it into the soccer team
  • Mike Costello has passed away
  • Erik Fisher is a very good football player
  • Paul has bad eyesight
  • The soccer team for Tangerine Middle School has begun their season
  • Paul is the new goalie and is very good
  • There is a muck fire every day at around the same time
  • Erik is a very good football kicker
  • Lake Windsor has a daily lightning storm around the same time everyday

The Erik Fisher Football Dream

The Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

Even though Paul and Erik Fisher are brothers they have very little similarities and have a sibling rivalry. Erik is definitely his father’s favorite child because Erik is a good football kicker and MR. Fisher is trying to relive his glory days as a football player in high school through his son. Paul doesn’t have as much football talent as he does soccer. Mr. Fisher didn’t play soccer in high school so he can’t relive his glory days through Paul. I think that Mr. Fisher isn’t as proud of Paul because he isn’t as involved in Paul’s soccer playing as much as he is in Erik’s football talents. I can imply that Mr. and Mrs. Fisher brag about Erik’s football talent to a lot of people because Paul came up with a name for it and he doesn’t seem too happy about the persistent bragging that his parents do about Erik. I also can imply that they normally don’t brag about Paul’s soccer talent. Another difference that Paul and Erik have is their eyesight. Paul has terrible eyesight; he is classified as visually impaired. Although Paul says that he can see just fine when people tell him he was seeing things because of his bad eyesight, he still doesn’t have perfect vision. Erik doesn’t have any eyesight problems that have been mentioned. One final large difference that Erik and Paul have is their personalities. Paul and Erik are polar opposites when it comes to personalities. Erik celebrated when Mike Costello died because it benefited him. That is so mean and disrespectful. When Paul found out that Mike Costello died he immediately offered to call Joey with his consolations. This shows how caring he is and that he is very nice. Overall, it may be hard to realize they are brothers with their many differences but their roots will always be the same, no matter what.

Tragedy Strikes

Mike Costello was a very nice boy who didn't have much talent for football but played anyway. He was set to be the holder for Erik Fisher. At football practice for Lake Windsor High School, the usual thunderstorm came rolling through Lake Windsor. Mike Costello was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mike was leaning against the metal goalpost whilst the storm was right above the football field. A lightning bolt struck the goalpost, electrocuting Mike Costello. Mike the. flew through the air like a bird, except this one wasn't concious. Mike was dead before he hit the ground, everyone knew it but even so, Arthur Bauer and Erik Fisher went over to him to see if he was ok. He wasn't, the whole side of his head had no hair because it had been burned off. The football coach immediately took action and called 911. Joey Costello, Mike's younger brother, was there. He kept trying to take off Mike's shoes for an unknown reason. The emergency services soon after arrived and tried everything to save Mike Costello. Nothing worked and Mike Costello was dead, there on the football field. The whole Costello family was heartbroken and arranged a funeral for Mike.

MOYA close up

MOYA stands for month of young adolecense. There are several young adolesence issues in Tangerine. Tangerine can even be classified as a young adlesent book. The first young adolesent issue that happened in Tangerine was sibling rivalry. Erik and Paul didnt have a very close relationship and were always fighting to be the best in their parent's eyes.This sometimes made Paul feel lonely. Another MOYA issue that Paul comes across is teasing. He gets teased for his thick glasses and his bad eyesight. He can see people staring at his glasses for an excessive amount of time. This might make him feel disliked. The final MOYA issue that Paul experiences is being the underdog. He is constantly in the shadows of his older brother, Erik. He is always being pushed out of the spotlight by his brother and the Erik Fisher Football Dream. This probably makes him feel like he isnt special or liked. Paul must find his way over these many obstacles of young adolesence.

Play Tryouts for Lake Windsor Middle School

Tryouts for Cinderella play

Come quickly to tryout for the various parts of the cinderella play that Lake Windsor Middle School will be hosting on December 15! See below for mre information!

Cinderella Tryouts

Monday, Oct. 19th, 5-6:30pm

Tangerine, FL, United States

Tangerine, FL

Do not be late, we will be closing the auditorioum doors at 5:05! Please see Ms. Alvarez for the application and the sample script you will be reading for the audition. Please come prepared and results will be posted outside the cafeteria on October 23! Good luck!