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Youth Leadership Training - 10 Creative Methods to Deliver Youth Leadership Training Programs

Are you intending to develop a leadership program for youth? Or, are you searching for innovative ways to expand what you're already doing? This article presents 10 choices for you to explore. While the list is not comprehensive, it provides a great beginning. After you review them, you will see that the possibilities are truly endless.

10 Ways to Provide Leadership Regenerative Leadership Institute

Demonstrations Select one direction theme, and turn it into a brief demonstration. Here, short means 1-2 hours long. A company that lacks capital to support a whole program could be more apt to take advantage of short presentations.
Courses In this example, you can choose a specific subject and create a 6 or 8-week course. This option works nicely for school based programs. The sessions will last about 45-50 minutes, when the course is being held during school hours. On the flip side, the course can run a little longer if it's held after school.
Online Training In once, you can develop training using content in one of your leadership lessons. The training can be delivered using a number of formats.
Video This option allows you to provide leadership training via video. Produce a video on one topic, or produce a complete series.
One Day Workshops Another choice is a 1-day intensive workshop. Nevertheless, in this situation, your workshop will emphasize one facet of leadership, like problem solving or critical thinking.
2 & 3-Day Seminars You can choose 1 of your longer modules and break it down into a 2 or 3-day program. At the same time, you can spend three days covering particular aspects of a theme. For instance, a 3 - day seminar on coaching could concentrate on mentoring, advising, and teaching.
Leadership Institute workshops are included by An institute, luncheons with keynote speakers, and displays. A 5-day institute for youth works best during the summer or spring break.
The amount of days and hours can vary based on the number of modules you intend to supply.
A Meeting Think about hosting an annual youth leadership conference. In addition to raising your reach, it is an opportunity to collaborate with other organizations.

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