By Joshua and Matthew

First Crusade

Byzantium, the pope, Turks.

The men from Byzantine asked the pope for help to fight the Turks to gain control of Anatolia.

It happened at Jerusalem.


Because they wanted more land and to control the Religious control of Jerusalem.

Second Crusade

Pope Eugene the third. Louis the 7th of France, Conrad the 3rd of Germany.

The armies attacked the Seljuq Turks to try and take back Jerusalem. The Crusade was a failure and therefore the Muslims won a great victory.

The main attack was at Damascus.

The ill advised crusade lasted from 1145-1149 B.C.

The Europeans where defeated and humiliated.

Third Crusade

Who: Europe and Middle Eastern forces.

The King's Crusade


"Holy Land"

To reconquer the Holy Land from the Egyptians.

They failed.