Responsibility arising

would you be able to cope?

Character development: Thomas

Thomas is faced with many challenges and changes in his life, which affect him emotionally leading to the result of many breakdowns and disputes. Though every aspect in Thomas' life is changing dramatically he learns many life lessons through his circumstances. Thomas matures dramatically from being a reserved, insecure adolescent to a loving confident brother, son and friend. Thomas learns that he cannot change or make anyone different but to only accept as they were made no matter how different or embarrassing they are.

Hiding and breaking down barriers.

Thomas' emotions lead him to feel embarrassed, ashamed and a sense of responsibility when the time came for him to step up, but being a young teenager Thomas just wishes that Charlie would be normal like everybody else. As Thomas continuously try’s to shut Charlie out of his everyday life, he only finds himself getting to know Charlie and see that even though Charlie will never be normal like others, he learns to love and accept him just the way he was created. Thomas learnt to accept Charlie with the help of his family and friends such as Jackie who helped him to see that 'Charlie is Charlie' and that is how he will always be, now all they can do for the benefit of Charlie is to encourage and love him and to accept Charlie the way he is. Thomas had created a barrier between his brother and himself but with help and time he discovered how to break down this barrier he had built up.

letting go of Emotions

Thomas being a teenager goes through a variety of emotions. After experience the challenge of taking on most of the load of caring for his autistic brother Charlie, Thomas becomes not his usual self and one in particular night he is found by his mother Maggie crying his eyes out, due to all the stress and responsibility he has been given. Thomas learns to let go and to not let his burdens and issues flood his brain but instead to let it out and express how he truly feels.

Accepting change and responsibility

Thomas in the end turns away from his old self, whom was reserved, embarrassed of his life style. He has now blossomed into a mature and accepting adolescent. Though Thomas may not always get everything right and that is okay because who is perfect anyways? he becomes aware to the fact that 'Charlie is Charlie' and always will be Charlie, no matter how hard he wishes to change him or even himself to know what it would be like to be in Charlie’s shoes and to understand how he thinks and sees' things from his perspective.
Thomas becomes aware of the fact that change and responsibility is necessary in his home and life as each challenge he faces is a challenge which will help to accelerate and mature even higher than he is now.


For my first image it shows Thomas trying to push Charlie into his room, but Charlie refuses as he sees' that Jackie is at the door waiting for Thomas; Behind this image shows that Thomas wants to hide Charlie and keep him away from the people he values as they might discourage him for having an autistic brother. In my opinion Thomas had not seen Charlie from a different perspective and was mostly worrying about his self even though he loved his brother dearly and wanted him to just stay away and out of his life. In the second image it shows Maggie, Thomas' mum comforting her son as he is having a breakdown due to the amount of responsibility on his shoulders whilst his mother is caring for her newborn infant. Thomas is young and is still learning but at times yes it does get hard but I think that we all just 'got to do what we got to do' and even though the first steps may be difficult and straining Thomas just needed that reassuring hug that said everything will be okay. For the last image I choose showed Charlie and Thomas dancing happily in wannabe monkey costumes at an Special kids concert, Seeing both brothers dancing together had really shown how much they had grown overtime and how important that bonding time was together. This also showed the viewers that there had been a sense of unity between the brothers and in the home. Overall Thomas' approach to life has changed dramatically and Charlie played a significant role in that