Tech Double Shot!


Issue # 14 - What is Snapchat?

In all honesty, I feel barely qualified to be explaining Snapchat to others. Even though I have used it a few times, I would not know exactly how to describe it.

However, MANY of our students are spending A LOT of time on Snapchat: to snap selfies, scribble and write on their photos, and view and share stories with their peers. And since our students are spending so much time on Snapchat, my main interest in the app is to better understand the way that they use technology and what it says about them. I think of it as being an armchair anthropologist or tourist; I'm looking to understand the behavior and customs of a strange culture. If you agree that this is important and care to join me, I hope you'll enjoy the Snapchat tutorial and background reading assembled here.

Shot 1: Snapchat Explained ... Using Snapchat

Never used Snapchat before? Not really sure what Snapchat is or how to use it?

That's OK, because Joanna Stern from the Wall Street Journal created an instructional how-to video called "Snapchat Explained...Using Snapchat".

Snapchat Explained... Using Snapchat

Shot 2: But What Is Snapchat?

Ben Rosen from BuzzFeed wrote an article on how to Snapchat like the teens. For his report, he interviewed his thirteen-year-old sister (pictured) and learned Snapchat tips and tricks from someone who is on the app "all the time".

If all this sounds like a cause for concern for the youth of today, then you may also want to consider Rachel Simmons post from the NY Times Motherlode blog entitled Why Your Kids Love Snapchat, and Why You Should Let Them. Simmons argues that the norms of using Snapchat are superior to those of other social media platforms and she makes a convincing case.

If you're still not sure where you stand, try Snapchat out for yourself or ask a student about it. They're the experts!

And If you're looking for someone to try out Snapchat with you, feel free to use my Snapcode below.

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Hope you enjoyed Tech Double Shot!

Have a great week!