Ulysses S. Grant

By: Mitch & Logan


He was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio.He was born on April 17,1822.


He was very different from his father.He was small,thin,and quiet-even shy-by nature.Some people thought he was dull and,rather than used his nickname Lis,referred to him as List Less.

School & Collage

He went to a boarding school for two winters,but that did not help his studying.He went to West Point Collage.

Marriage & Family

Moms name was Hanna Simpson.Jesse Root Grant was his father.He married Julia Dent.He had 2 kids named Fredrick Dent Grant and Ulysses Jr. Grant.

Important Life Events

He moved to Oregon,He was transferrd to fort bolt,Then he became General of Civil War.


He died on July 23,1885.