It's That Time of Year!

Thanksgiving is Almost Here!

Thanksgiving Week Schedule

  • During the week of Thanksgiving, Iron Mary's will be open for regular classes Monday and Tuesday.
  • Wednesday our last WOD will be at 5:30.
  • We will be closed Thursday so that our coaches can spend time with their families.
  • Friday we will follow our regular morning schedule and have a 5:30 evening WOD.
  • Saturday we will have the 8:30 WOD and 9:30 rowing classes
  • Open gym on Sunday from 12-2.

Fall Favorites

Try some of the following recipes this Thanksgiving season!

Try this delicious pumpkin pie smoothie recipe, from The Paleo Mama's blog!


Click here to check out some more wonderful(and healthy!) Thanksgiving recipes from Grassfed Girl's blog.

Holiday Tips and Tricks

With Thanksgiving right around the corner the holiday season is gearing up! This is a tough time of year for anyone trying to stay on track with their eating, and we're all so busy that sometimes our fitness gets overlooked too! Here are just a few tips to help you make it through this busy holiday on the lookout for more tips in our December newsletter!

  1. Schedule your fitness - With all of the parties and events that occur at this time of year, it's easy to let your gym time decline. Schedule your exercise on your calendar just like you would schedule a meeting, and stick with it. If you're going out of town, check out a Crossfit box, or use this list of travel WODs to get you through!
  2. When alone, eat clean. When with family or friends, be mindful. Whatever food plan you follow, be it Paleo, the Zone, or just eating clean, stick to it as close as possible when you're by yourself.
  3. Plan ahead. If you know you're going to party where there will be lots of tempting sweets, eat before you go! Or, you can bring filling snacks with you.