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September 2020

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year

CATEC wants to make sure you stay informed about the most important information regarding our 2020-2021 school year. Please visit our Website, download our free CATEC, VA app wherever you get your apps, or follow us on Facebook (@CATECHighSchool ),Twitter (@CATEChs), and Instagram (@catechighschool). Check out our teacher bios on our YouTube Channel.

Director's Message: Stephanie Carter

Dear CATEC Students and Families,

Welcome back to the 2020-21 school year! We are officially well underway and quickly nearing the halfway mark of our first quarter. While this is a most unusual school year, I have to recognize how hard our students and instructors are working to make the best of the situation. Thank you to parents as well. We appreciate your support and coming to get toolkits, too! As we round the corner to the second quarter, Albemarle County will be making a recommendation about moving stages at the October 8th school board meeting. Following that meeting, we will communicate the next steps for CATEC as well. Safety is priority one and all recommendations will be made with the safety of our students and staff as the central focus. Please be on the look out for mid-terms around October 7th. It is hard to believe, but we are almost halfway through the first quarter! As always, we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns.


10/07 – Mid-Term

Please complete the Beginning of the Year form in English or Spanish and review the Student Handbook in English or Spanish.

School Counseling: Maggie Wilson

The School Counseling Office is located in the Career and Counseling Office. Students who qualify for dual enrollment credit through one of our local community college partners, please remember to apply to your community college and have permission slips turned it to Ms. Wilson. Ms. Wilson has created a Calming Room to help students (and families) find calm if they need a break during the day. If you have any questions, please email

Career Development & Workplace Readiness: Amanda Jay

The Career Development Office is located in the Career and Counseling Center. CATEC programs weave Career Development and Workplace Readiness curricula into their academic coursework. Students entering the workforce will likely switch jobs every two years, leading to upwards of 17 job changes during their careers. Our Career Development Website includes documents students will need throughout the year.

Research shows that employees with strong soft skills gain employment faster and keep it longer than those without these skills. CATEC instructors directly teach the workplace skills identified by the Virginia Department of Education's 21st Century Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth. This month, in order to establish positive habits for the beginning of the school year, students practiced skills related to: #3 Initiative and Self-Direction, #14 Managing Time and Resources, 4 Integrity, #15 Information Literacy Skills, #20 Professionalism, #21 Reading and Writing Skills, #5 Work Ethic, and #22 Workplace Safety.

Automotive Body Repair: Ron Moore

In September, students focused on personal and shop safety. They have begun taking their I-CAR Safety Certifications. Students take I-CAR Professional Development Program classes throughout the school year, earning industry credentials as they learn. They can earn up to 20 certifications, making them more marketable when entering the workforce. Students need to be looking for an item from home that they can disassemble, organize, and reassemble, such as old lawn mower, bike, or mechanical item. Students should have their CATEC-provided tool kits and safety equipment by now.

Automotive Service Technology: Matt Richardson

Automotive Service Technology students have focused on workplace readiness and safety in September. They are focusing on SP/2 Safety examinations.These certifications, along with 10 ASE certifications, provide academic foundations and credentialing that make Auto Service Technology students marketable. All students should have picked up their tool kits and will begin learning about engines in October.

Cosmetology I and II: Karen Brown & Jackie Waller

Cosmetology I and II students have worked on adjusting to virtual learning by focusing on creating positive study habits and community building. Students have utilized the Cornell note-taking system and have completed an "All About Me" assignment in Google Classroom. They have studied haircutting techniques and have completed Barbicide and Barbicide- COVID certifications. All students should have picked up their tool kits and need to practice keeping a schedule to achieve academic success.

Culinary Arts I and II: Christina Rizzo & Josh Davis

In September, Culinary Arts I students have been working on obtaining their ServSafe Food Handler certifications and Culinary Arts II students worked on obtaining their ServSafe Manager certification. These ServSafe certifications focus on food safety standards and are industry-recognized credentials, often times needed to work in restaurants. Students have also begun working in their online learning platform, KP Compass. Students should have picked up their tool kits, enabling them to begin working on fun food activities next month. Students will begin cooking at home for their families- for a grade! September is National Food Safety Month; check out our story about the ServSafe certification process and the Culinary Arts program.

Fire Service: Bobby Elliott

Fire Service students have been focusing on completing mandatory certifications for Virginia Department of Fire Programs Firefighter I. Each week, students have reviewed news articles published by the Fire Service. They reviewed the California Fires and Incident Command for new Firefighters and have looked at real fire incidents. Students have completed: FEMA 100 Introduction to Incident Command, FEMA 200 Basic Incident Command Systems for Initial Response, and FEMA 700 An Introduction to the National Incident Management System. In October, students should stay on track with assignments and communicate with Captain Elliott. The program will start the Firefighter I Course on October 12th. The textbooks for the Fire Science Program should be able the end of September and will be available for pick up at CATEC soon. More information will be sent to students.

Nurse Assistant: Sarah Manglicmot

In September, students learned about the role of a nurse assistant in long-term care. They have started medical terminology and are learning about ethical and legal issues in the healthcare field. Students should have picked up their tool kits by now, and they have learned how to take care of their new equipment: a stethoscope, sphygmomanometer (BP monitor), isolation gown and gloves. Students will begin hands-on topics such as infection control and vital signs in October. Students may be looking for family members to be their "patients" for course assignments!

Veterinary Science: Kim Smyth

Vet Science students learned about the different types of jobs in a veterinary clinic and the difference between a vet tech and a vet assistant. They worked through difficult situations when talking about ethics in veterinary medicine (and life!). They covered job safety, discussing the number one way to prevent transmission of disease between patients in the veterinary clinic is a good hand washing protocol. At the end of the month, students learned how to do a surgical scrub so that they can assist in surgery. All students should have picked up their tool kits. Next month, the class will begin learning veterinary medical terminology.

English 11: Megan Panek & English 12/Government: Megan Panek & David Topper

In English 11, students are studying the history, art, literature and standards of beauty of different eras from the Romantic era to the 1980's. In US Government/English 12 they are learning about the core historical figures and documents that shaped the US government and are thinking about what has shaped students' personal viewpoints and ideologies. With the election coming soon, the US Government/English 12 class looks forward to learning all about how elections work and how the media plays a role in our modern elections.

Adult Education and Apprenticeship Programs: Shannon Tomlin

CATEC's Adult Education and Apprenticeship Programs are running online and in-person classes for the Fall semester for nearly 300 enrolled students. This program will be making Spring semester scholarship applications available in early November, which will be due back in mid-December. Spring semester classes will be posted to the Adult Education and Apprenticeship Programs website soon.

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