Self-Portrait Play & Learn Bundle

Resources for Creating a Self-Portrait (Pre K thru 2nd)

Big picture

Resources to Draw, Paint, Learn, & Play

Kindergarten Self-Portrait Bundled Resources

Digitally Practice Before you Physically Create

Use the web-based Easel Game to Drag and Drop the Features of the Face then Draw the Hair

Handout to Help Students Practice

Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing and Painting

My lesson powerpoint that walks students through each step of creating their self-portrait

Pin the Feature on the Face Printable Game

Print out and play this fun game to introduce the features of the face and their placement on the oval. (HINT: Reuse the game when you want to talk about the abstract art of Picasso).

Download the Self-Portrait Resource Bundle

This link will bring you to my TpT lesson

Celebrate What You Create!

My students and their families were so amazed by their self-portraits that many of them purchased the image for gifts from the Artsonia gift store which generates funds for our art program. View our Gallery of finished Kindergarten Self-Portraits.

Tricia Fuglestad

Tricia Fuglestad, NBCT, K-5 art teacher in Illinois, has a MATL in K-12 tech integration. She has successfully blended digital and physical art making with her transdigital lessons to expand the curriculum, give students an opportunity to explore new media, and find transformative ways for students to demonstrate learning dynamically. Tricia’s classroom is featured in educational publications and higher education textbooks. Her students’ Fugleflicks, student-created, art-related videos have screened at international film festivals and won national awards. She has been recognized with many state and national awards for her innovation and dedication to art education.

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