Biweekly Newsletter from Stockbridge High

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Community Edition, December 2017

In this issue:

  • A Letter from the Principal
  • Events around the Bridge
  • *SHS FFA Christmas Kid Adoption*
  • Personalized Learning in SHS
  • Assistant Principals' Corner
  • Student Services
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A Letter from the Principal

Let's finish the semester strong.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The end of October and the month of November have been positive for the staff and students at SHS. Last week, Dr. Davis (New Superintendent) visited our school. Dr. Davis observed multiple classrooms and interacted with a lot of students. She had nothing but positive things to say about our students and staff.

In a couple of short weeks, students will begin their final exams. For seniors, first semester exams are bittersweet because they highlight the short time remaining before the end of their high school days. For them, the challenging and exciting adult world is right around the corner and excitement and worry begin to gain momentum. With this idea in mind, I plan on speaking to as many juniors and seniors as I can about personal choices, the world of work, and the next steps in their education. It is my belief, that the conversations will be pointed and focused on career and personal readiness.

Winter is here and the days are getting shorter. This time of year is typically the point when many students tend to lose the positive momentum with which they started the year. To help bolster that effort, we have begun some incentive programs for freshman and visited a large number of classrooms to emphasize the need to stay on track. We will continue these efforts as we move into next semester. I request that all stakeholders push the message “finish the semester strong” particularly attendance and work completion—would be much appreciated.

Eric Watson, Ed. S.


Stockbridge High School

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Events Around the Bridge

The Month of December

Week of Dec 04 – Dec 22

Monday, Dec 4:

EOC - 9th Grade Lit Part I Test

Tuesday, Dec 5

EOC - 9th Grade Lit Part II and III Test

Wednesday, Dec 6:

EOC - American Lit Part I Test

Thursday, Dec 7:

12 Days of Christmas – WEAR GREEN

EOC - American Lit Parts II & III Test

Friday, Dec 8:

4:00 JV Girls Basketball @ Jones County

5:30 JV Boys Basketball @ Jones County

7:00 V Girls Basketball @ Jones County

8:30 V Boys Basketball @ Jones County

12 Days of Christmas – Bring a present for a child in need

EOC - Analytic Geometry/Geometry I

Saturday, Dec 9:

8:00 – ACT test

1:30 9th Grade Boys Basketball vs. Eagles Landing @ SHS

3:00 JV Girls Basketball vs. Eagles Landing @ SHS

4:30 JV Boys Basketball vs. Eagles Landing @ SHS

6:00 V Girls Basketball vs. Eagles Landing @ SHS

7:30 V Boys Basketball vs. Eagles Landing @ SHS

Monday, Dec 11:

12 Days of Christmas – WEAR RED

EOC - Coordinate Algebra/Algebra I Test

Tuesday, Dec 12:

12 Days of Christmas – Wear Christmas Scarf

EOC – Economics Test

3:00 JV Girls Basketball vs. Eagles Landing @ SHS

4:30 JV Boys Basketball @ Dutchtown

6:00 V Girls Basketball @ Dutchtown

7:30 V Boys Basketball @ Dutchtown

Wednesday, Dec 13:

12 Days of Christmas – Bring out the Holiday Ties and Jewelry

EOC – Biology Test

Thursday, Dec 14:

12 Days of Christmas – Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater

EOC - US History Test

Friday, Dec 15:

12 Days of Christmas – Bring an item for our critter shelter sitters.

EOC - Physical Science Test

4:00 JV Girls Basketball vs. Union Grove @ SHS

5:30 JV Boys Basketball vs. Union Grove @ SHS

7:00 V Girls Basketball vs. Union Grove @ SHS

8:30 V Boys Basketball vs. Union Grove @ SHS

Monday, Dec 18:

12 Days of Christmas – Wear Jingle Bells

EOC – Make Up Testing

Holiday Luncheon for all staff members – Room 706

6:00 V Girls Basketball @ Hampton

7:30 V Boys Basketball @ Hampton

Tuesday, Dec 19:

12 Days of Christmas – Show us your Christmas Flare

EOC – Make Up Testing

Wednesday, Dec 20:

12 Days of Christmas – Bring in a canned food item

Thursday, Dec 21:

12 Days of Christmas – Wear Winter White with your jeans!

Final Exams – Blocks 1 & 2

12:21 Early Release

Friday, Dec 22:

12 Days of Christmas – Wear a Christmas shirt with your jeans!

Final Exams – Blocks 3 & 4

12:21 Early Release

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!!!

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Annual SHS FFA Christmas Kid Adoption

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Every year, there are students who are in need of warm clothes and clothing that fits.

The SHS FFA is getting ready to do our annual Christmas Kid Adoption to help students in need. We adopt students and their siblings from the Stockbridge Cluster that don't qualify, or have missed deadlines, for other types of assistance. We work with school counselors and social workers at the 8 schools in our cluster to get this information. The majority of family assistance cuts off at age 12. This year, we already have 41 students ages 1 month to 17 years. We are also trying to provide the makings of a Christmas meal for each family this year.

If you, your club, church, or other organization, are interested in helping out, there are 2 ways to do so.

1. Shop. I will give you information with sizes and such, you bring the stuff in by Dec 20. I usually end up spending around $50-75 per child (approx 2 pair of pants, 2 shirts, jacket, shoes, underwear/socks, small gift). If you are a bargain shopper, hit up those holiday sales!

2. Donate. The FFA ends up covering who or whatever is left. Cash, check, or are welcomed. No amount is too small! Please forward and share on your social media accounts!

In the past 4 years, we have adopted and provided for over 100 kids. With the amount of students already on the list, and knowing there will be more, we are trying to raise as much funding as possible to make sure none of these kids have to go without.

We do our absolute best to accommodate every student. We appreciate all the help and happy holidays!!!

Personalized Learning in SHS

Science Fair!

We would like to acknowledge and to thank the following wonderful people who had helped us make our School Science Fair a success by serving as judges: Heather Toliver, Alfreda Lewis, Elizabeth John, Kimberley Miller, Dhara Andralliski, Rachael Grillo, Errol Thame, Terrance Jackson, Thevar Bala, Benita Harris, Dr. Rita Bailey and Dr. George (Dr. J.'s husband).

We are so proud to recognize the following Tigers who will be moving on to represent Stockbridge High School at the County Fair: Madison G., Kenya R., Ayanna H., Peter D., Aaron L,, Jarvis R., Mikayla S., Morgan M., Alejandro D., Gabrielle W., Jayden K., Maxell A., Fatou C., Emily H., and Cequoia A..

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Tiger Tech of the Month: Remind101

Remind is an app that can be used to remind students, athletes, parents, staff, club members, etc. about quick announcements, messages, and information. No need to have members create their own account! It can be used through text and/or through the Remind app.

Here's the gist of Remind:

1. Same as always, create an account.

2. Remind will ask you to customize your account: time available for contact, student/teacher/parent, classes, clubs, etc.

3. Codes will be generated for each class. Students will be able to sign up using regular text messages or by downloading the app.


- Use Remind to send quick notifications to students about due dates/reminders.

- You have the ability to make Remind 101 a one directional form of announcement, with no replies from the members in your classes. Remind does not delete any messages and it gets stored as it is.

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Assistant Principals' Corner

from the Office of Cassandra Jackson

Tentative meeting dates for Book Studies and reading guides

Crucial Conversations (admin)

September 12 - Chapter 3 + 4

October 10 - Chapter 5 + 6

November 14 - Chapter 7 + 8

January 11 - Chapter 9 + 10

Grading Smarter, not Harder (staff)

(two dates for the focus groups)

October 2, 16 - Chapter 2

November 6, 13 - Chapter 3

January 22, 29 - Chapter 4

February 5, 12 - Chapter 5

March 5, 12 - Conclusion

from the Office of Lavonda Clarington

Georgia Milestones End of Course (EOC) Winter Administration: Dec 4-19, 2017

End of Grade (EOC) in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies

Dec 4, Monday: 9th Grade Lit (Parts I)

Dec 5, Tuesday: 9th Grade Lit (Part II/III)

Dec 6, Wednesday: American Lit (Parts I)

Dec 7, Thursday: American Lit (Part II/III)

Dec 8, Friday: Analytic Geometry/Geometry I

Dec 11, Monday: Coordinate Algebra/Algebra I

Dec 12, Tuesday: Economics

Dec 13, Wednesday: Biology

Dec 14, Thursday:US History

Dec 15, Friday: Physical Science

Dec 18, Monday: Make-Up

Dec 19, Tuesday: Make-Up

**Please bear in mind that these exams account for 20% of a student's final grade. It is mandatory for all students who are enrolled in these classes to take the Milestones per Georgia DoE.

from the Office of Dr. Johnathan Page

Being an educator is a very demanding occupation but to be truly successful one must put their heart in it. Teaching is much more then helping students learn and remembering facts. However, teaching is also about attitudes and fostering positive relationships. Parents send us their very best, and as educators we need to continue to build meaningful and healthy relationships with our students.

I am taking it back to our childhood days as they did on Sesame Street, but instead of brought to you by the letter, we will use an entire word. The word for the remainder of the school year will be EMPATHY! I am attaching articles for you to read and reflect upon in reference to this issue.

In closing, I charge each of you to take this head on and we will reach higher heights!


Dr. Page

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Student Services

Stockbridge Study Resources *NEW FILE*

Please click the link below to view our list of resources available for our students! (Includes complete list of Tutoring/Office Hours for core classes)

Counseling Department

  • Individual Appointments are still being conducted and we expect to finish up individual advisement by Winter break. If an appointment was missed due to absence, or some other reason, please contact your counselor to reschedule asap.
  • Sign up for REMIND updates from counseling based on graduation year. Sign-up forms are located in the counseling office, in the grade level advisement packets and on the counseling web page.
  • Stockbridge High School College Fair coming January 17th, 2018 @ 9:45am.

  • Tentative scheduling calendar has been created and will be distributed to staff in the coming weeks. This will cover the process for scheduling our current students and rising 9th graders for the 2018-19 school year.

from C. Melissa Bell, Graduation Coach

  • Saturday Tutorial Dates: Oct 14th, 9-11 AM; Nov 4th, 11-1230 PM, December 2, 9-11AM
  • CREDIT RECOVERY will continue after school Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:30 until Thursday, December 12. After school CR will resume Thursday, January 11, 2018. Students are able to work on CR during the school day AT school and they are welcome/encouraged to stay with me after early release.
  • The Success Lab will be closed December 15 and 18.

Infinite Campus Access

This year IC password resets will be handled different regarding parents and students.

1. Martey Brown will primarily be handling the parent/guardian accounts.

2. Grace Johnson will primarily be handling the student accounts.

If a parent or student is having trouble logging on to their IC account, please send Ms. Brown or Ms. Johnson an email.

Martey Brown email:

Grace Johnson email:

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