What threat does ISIS pose to America?

Backround information

ISIS started in Iraq and then moved its territories farther into Syria and are now trying to expand into Turkey. Also the leader of ISIS's name is Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. He was realesed from a U.S detention camp in 2009. Then Abu broke away from Al-Qaeda and started ISIS. Radical Sunni Muslims followed him because the hated the Shia Muslim leader who had sent his military to iradicate a large group of protesters. People who saw the aftermath of this said that there were hundreds of bodies laying there.

examples of why ISIS is what it is today.

ISIS didn't start out like it is today many things contributed to their growth of power.

One thing is that Iraqs rebels and military were untrained and ill-equiped. The US had to give weapons and training to them. That also meant that if the rebels lost a fight or our supplies were captured they would get high tech and deadly weapons. Another contributer is many of ISIS's high ranking officals are former military leaders, so they can teach their followers to fight like soldiers. Also the followers don't care if they die so they strap bombs to themselfs and run into a busy market place and blow themselfs up aswell as many other people. Another reason is that ISIS is so brutal that they have no bounderies so they basicly do whatever they want.

Cons of fighting ISIS

Fighting ISIS is a con alone because of the barbaric things ISIS is capible of, like beheading innocent people. One con is that we give weapons the the military and rebels. That means that if ISIS took the weapons they could use them against us, like shooting down our airplanes that carry supplies or airplanes that fly airstrike missions, or just using the high-tech weapons like tanks, RPGs, and Hellfire missles against us. Another con is if we fight ISIS it makes them made and they might attack the United States. And the Hellfire missiles they might use them on military bases.

Pros of fighting isis

The US has helped train Iraqi military to fight ISIS. The little training they get helps fight off ISIS for the meantime but the US will have to find a long term soultion considering that ISIS gets many new members each day. And helping train the military and Syrian rebels will prevent somthing like this from happing again. Also President Obama has autherized many airstrikes to fend off ISIS from gaining ground. The Airstikes also prevent the United States from having to put boots on the ground. Another pro about fighting ISIS is that helping Iraq and Syria might strengthan our bonds with them.

Barbaric killings

ISIS has executed many journalists and civilions. Most resently ISIS just beheaded an American humanitarian to try to maintain political power. ISIS has taken Shia muslims lied them down in rows then one by one or by the many shot them in the head untill their dead. ISIS has even taken Shia's and one by one slit their throats and thrown them in a river. ISIS is a barbaric group that has no mercy. They want all Shia muslims dead and they want to rule Iraq, Syria, and more countries that they can get their hands on.

Final thoughts

ISIS is the one of the most dangerous groups on the face of the earth. They capture anyone who they think will give them a political advantage. Also at any point in time they can try to attack the United States and hurt alot of people. They stubern people that can get what they want through force, and even just threats. As the United States government dicides what we can do in Iraq and Syria they must be faced with thought of what will ISIS plan to do to our country.