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Keeping Track of Students

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This newsletter contains information on how to keep track of your students and grade efficiently. Feel free to use as adapt as it suits your style and needs.

Keeping Track of Communication

  • You can use the spreadsheet below to keep track of communication with your students.
  • If you keep this file in dropbox or somewhere in the cloud, you can simply post the link to this document in TheSIS when documenting communication, rather than retyping it all.
  • You can create a copy of this spreadsheet to use in future semesters.

Grading Efficiently

  • I like to create a notebook in OneNote or Evernote for each module in my course.
  • Then, I create a page for each assignment. In the assignment page, I keep track of my feedback (and the HTML code for the feedback once I've used it in my course at least once), and some common comments I leave for them. HERE is an example of one of these pages for a discussion.
  • This way, if you teach the course again, your feedback and comments are saved.
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Great Feedback

Remember, great feedback includes an image, video, or a link to an outside source.

If I need to create feedback for an assignment about "cells" for example, I will google cells and look and see what I can find about that topic. I try to link to sites that explain the information in that assignment, include a picture that explains the topic, or embed a video that explains the topic.

Some Extra Goodies to Help Make the Start of the Semester Easier.

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I use this stamp in any feedback where a student has earned late credit. It lets them know they've lost points due to turning it in late, but in a "nice" way.
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I found this image in Yammer. It can be easily used as a news announcement.
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Here are some "great work" stamps that you can use as part of your feedback.
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I use this "improve quiz scores" image when students score less than passing on a quiz. It's not pretty, but it givens them some best practices for improving their grades in an easy-to-view format.