Gray Squirrel

Gray Squirrels are hunted


The Gray Squirrel is hunted by humans and other creatures.The humans hunt the squirrels because they are beginner hunters. Many hunters beging with the waterfowl or turkey.It is easy to hunt because you will not need lots of equipment .If you want to hunt a Gray Squirrel you can find them in the woods or forest.

Gray Squirrel and baby

When the Gray Squirrel baby is born they have to stay in the nest until their eyes open.Also they have to get a little older to leave their mom and dad to go on their own .Some of the squirrels stay with their mom and dad their whole life.

They like staying with there mom and dad.

They live to twenty years old.


Gray squirrels can live up to twenty years old.Their predators are hawks,raccoons,weasels foxes ,domestic feral, cats dogs,snakes and owl.They can live by staying close to their home so they don’t die .