Holy Places

  • A holy Islamic place is Mecca. Muslims are supposed to visit Mecca at least once in there lives.(Islamic followers are called Muslims)
  • Jerusalem is a holy place for all three religions. They all claim it in different ways.

Islamic Beliefs

  • Muslims believe Allah is the only god.
  • They also believe Muhammed and Abraham are his prophets.
  • Quran is what the holy book is called.

Traditions and Holidays

  • Muslim holidays include Eid Al Fitr and Eid Ul Adha.
  • Muslim traditions include
  1. When people die, they must be buried never cremated. Women aren't allowed to attend funerals.
  2. . Muslims must pronounce God's (Allah's) name before eating or drinking.


  • Muslims worship in buildings called "Mosques."
  • The worship leaders are called "Imams."