Fight For Change

Rally for women all over

For a change:

1) There must be moral reform

2) Improvement of prison living conditions

3) Expansion in education to not only males, but women as well

4) Abolishment of domestic slavery

5) Encourage involvement within the church to boost feminine authority within households

6) Alcohol must be eradicated to reduce domestic violence

7) Involvement in the Independent Order of Good Templars


Short term success VS. Long term success

The Now and the Future

We've already had some short term success, women are no longer being seen as weak sub-servants to men and we are proving that we are capable of taking care of ourselves, we've formed our own organizations without the help of men and we have coordinated and executed plans in order to push reform in the views of society and we're turning more heads everyday.

However, the work is no where near over; our plans for the future, some of which have already taken effect, are for women to gain freedoms such as the opportunity for education beyond just politics to teach children, voting rights, ownership of property and employment in better, more reasonable and suitable conditions.

Not Just Womens' Values, America's Values

These reforms reflect not only the ideas and feelings of many woman across the United States, but they also reflect how the United States is supposed to be and what it's supposed to stand for. Families are supposed to be tight knit and the man and woman, mother and father, should run the house and the family together and work in a cohesive manner in order to be as successful as they can be as a family and in order to uphold their respective places in society. These reforms also filter into the religious aspects of life, Christianity preaches that everyone is a child of god and therefor should be treated as such, if women aren't seen as equals to men, is the word of God really being respected? We think not. Hard work is something that is praised now a days, more so here in the United States, this country was built on hard work and dedication and that's what is driving all these women to stand up and fight for their rights, we are only working within the power invested in us by God and technically, the American Constitution as well.