The New Rome

The Byzantine Empire is

Come to see our wonderful civilization!

Those who have been a citizen in our land for a while can tell you for sure that this is something special. Here, our culture includes some incredible things, including beautiful art and architecture, some breathtaking sights, and the most fair legL system hundreds of scholars could conceive.

Where in the world is the Byzantine Empire?

The capital of the Byzantine Empire was Constantinople, which is modern day Istanbul. Their climate was desert like; vey dry and arid with warm temperatures during the day and color temperatures during the night. There were three bodies of water surrounding the capital, and they made use of this. They built many harbors around the coast line. They sailed to places like China and Rome for trade. Along the borders of the city, there was a very large and strong citadel protecting the city.

The Religion of the Byzantine People

The Byzantines Empire and the Roman Empire once in close relation to each other, but their religious differences were what eventually caused them to divide. The main reason that they eventually divided was that the Pope excommunicated the Patriarch and the Patriarch did the same to the Pope. They then divided with the Roman Empire as Roman Catholic, and the Byzantine Empire officially as Eastern Orthodox. Some of these differences include the Patriarch being the head of the church rather than the Pope, yet still has less power than the emperor, and the legalization of divorce.

Our Political Advatages

Our land prides itself in a strong government. We have one Emperor to maintain order throughout our land, and our political officers revise the Justinian Code, the original law code written back in the 6th century, that is kept in the forum for all to see.

Some of our Art Styles and Philosophies

Contrasting from our Roman counterpart, our art is not meant to strictly resemble humans, rather it is more unrealistic or symbolic. Some of our trademarks involve religious icons and mosaic images. Our religious icons are created for worship in our churches, and our mosaics are very decorative and colorful images. An example is shown below.
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