St Vincent de Paul 2014

CSR Capco Team Event

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St Vincent's Volunteers if you do not have a tee shirt, please fill out a request below

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Please join us at St Vincent de Paul, we have 5 events planned from Jan thru May. These dates have been designated for Capco's Corporate Responsibility Outreach program. Please see calendar below.

The Dining Room is by far the largest committment to the needy. It is through organization, planning, and the dedication and support of its members and volunteers that the Society has been able to maintain this level of commitment. The Society has never had to turn any person away.

As the need of the poor in Buffalo increases, the Society is faced with a growing cost to support the Dining Room. We look to the support of our members and benefactors to help meet this increasing need.

St Vincent de Paul Society - Soup Kitchen

Friday, Feb. 20th, 10:30am-12:30pm

1298 Main St

Buffalo, NY

Full Calendar of Events for 2015:

  • Jan 16 completed
  • Feb 20
  • Mar 20
  • April 17
  • May 22

Time: 10:30 - 12:30

Leader: Michael Gianturco

Time Entry/ Volunteer Code: 5016528

*** This will count as 4 Community hours. You will be back in the office by 1pm

Responsibilities/ Event Details

  1. What time should I arrive? 10:30am for Orientation
  2. What do I wear? Casual attire, sneakers & baseball cap
  3. Where do I go? 1298 Main Street, Buffalo NY
  4. How many will be there: 1 Leader + 5 team members
  5. What will I be doing? Serving meals and cleaning up afterwards

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