The health care system

By: Priya Geer 803

Components of the health care system

Components of the Health care system are doctors, nurses, dentists, etc

more in depth things would be, hospital beds, surgery tools, and blood bags. etc

What task does this system preform?

The task or the purpose of the health care system is to to put order on who needs to do what. Also it is for the population to get a fair amount of health care and to be treated with the best of the doctors ability.

What if a component was removed?

If a component was removed, a lot of things would go wrong. For example a pharmacist, if you got rid of the pharmacist, who would give you your medicine to feel better? if you got rid of your doctor, who would tell you whats wrong with your health? getting rid of these important components would effect everybody badly.

Long term affects of the removal of the component

Long term affects of the removal of a component, would not be good for the population, without doctors people would be getting sick and would be dying faster. Disease would spread and it would effect everyone.