Maccabi Tel-Aviv

Israel champion in basketball

Maccabi Tel-Aviv

Maccabi Tel-Aviv is an Israeli basketball team from Tel Aviv. The club was founded in 1932 as part of Maccabi's association, which was founded in 1906. In 1977 Maccabi won the European trophy for the first time and became a champion. The country where the game was held in, was Yugoslavia, a communist country which had no diplomatic relations with Israel. Therefore, Maccabi's plane was the first Israeli plane that landed in Yugoslavia.

Maccabi Tel Aviv took the israeli trophy 41 times and was the champion in basketball 51 times.

Maccabi Tel Aviv is a team with fighting spirit, that never give up and in my opinion it is one of the best team in Europe.

Yad Eliyahu Arena

Yad Eliyahu Arena is the home stadium of Maccabi Tel aviv. It was built in 1962. It has 12,000 sits. In addition, the stadium is being use for performances, reality shows, concerts, festivals, hosts the robotics competitions by FIRST organization and of course basketball games. Yad Eliyahu is the biggest stadium in Israel. In the last year the name of the stadium was changed. The new name us Menora-Mivtachim Arena.

Fan groups

Maccabi Tel Aviv has many fan groups:

The Yellow Heart- the yellow heart is the oldest and the biggest fan group in Maccabi Tel Aviv. The purpose of this fan group is to increase the Sportive atmosphere of Maccabi Tel Aviv, and to cheer them in every game. they also protest againts racism and violence.

"Gate 11" association- "Gate 11" association is the group of fans which cheer in "Gate 11".

The purpose of this fan group is Improve the atmosphere in games, and support the teen team that in the future they might become in a regular team.

Maccabi Tel Aviv VS FC Barcelona 70:68 Euroleague 2014-15 Highlights
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