By: Mariana Escobar


1&2.)Enchilada's are from Mexico.
3.)It is in the northwestern hemisphere.
4.)The latitude and longitude of Mexico City is 19.4333 degrees N and 99.1333 degrees W.
6.)The area of Mexico is 1,972,550 sq km.
7.)The natural resources of Mexico are petroluem,silver, cooper,gold,lead,zinc,natural gas, and timber.
8.)The natural hazards of Mexico are tsunamis,volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and hurricanes.
9.)The ethnic groups of Mexico are the Maya, Mestizos, Indegionus, Olmecs, and the Aztecs.
10.)The major cities are Guadalajara, Montterey, Puebla, and Mexico city.


11.)The landforms and terrains are mountains and volcanoes.
12.)The population is 122.3 million people.
13.)The climate it varies in Mexico in the north it is desert and in the south is is tropical.
16.)A description about the food is That it is a tortilla covered in sauce filled with cheese and onions wrapped and then topped with cheese.
17.)the recipe is first you cook the chile ancho (red) in water, then when its cooked you blend it with a little bit of onion, 2 pieces of garlic, 4 spices, and 3 cloves, and as much salt as you want in the sauce, after that you drain it and you put it in a bowl,then you put a pan with oil and you let it heat up,then you dip a tortilla into the sauce and you put inthe pan and cook it, then last but not least you put cheese ranchero mexicano and onion (as much onion as you want) and its ready to eat.
18.)The place you can buy enchiladas from are San Marcos restaurant, the location is 4024 N May Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73119, the cost would be $8.89.



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